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Permits, permits, permits

Posted by Stabro on December 21, 2009 @ 02:40

I swear I am going to go insane with all these permits I have to have. A permit to refuel.  A permit to pilot. A permit to land. A permit to wipe my as, oh wait, that’s dump my waste.

If that wasn’t bad, I have to have a permit for each individual government, as one government won’t accept the permits from the others. Plus, the yearly fees for these permits is insane. Not to mention they take up space on my ship.

Sometimes I think I should just land and say screw flying around the galaxy, but then I think about how quite it is while on my ship as opposed to while planet side. I like my peace and quiet.

I wish all these governments could get together and agree on one standardized permit setup, but I think Tatooine being covered in ice is more likely to happen first.


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I really need a break

Posted by Stabro on December 17, 2009 @ 23:13

So this is the first time in a long time I have been able to update this holo-log. I have been so busy the past few months trying to help get Zone Supplies Limited up and self-sustaining. Well, all the work is for naught as ZSL is being sold. I wish that it wasn’t being sold, but I have no say in the process. So for the time being I have been moved to one of our sister companies. The cause for this is some unforeseen, and illegal, complications in the way we choose to do business. This is not the first time we have been targeted by certain entities trying to destroy us, we have looked at the pros and cons and decided that the best thing to do is to sell the company.

This is a sad time as much of the time and effort I, and others, have put into ZSL feels almost wasted. However, we choose to look towards the future and to the many opportunities that lie ahead. We have many plans for the future.

I would like to take this time to say thanks to both Markus Blackheart and Kyria Wild for the time and effort they both put into ZSL while they were in charge. I am sorry that it didn’t work out, especially to Kyria Wild who had us so close to full production. I wish you the best of luck in any future endeavors you engage in.

If you are interested in purchasing ZSL, please contact Cevin Pong via DM. You can also follow this link to the announcement and advertisement for the auctioning off of ZSL.

For now, Stabro Bledorkix signing out.

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