Stabro's Log

A Space Log for Stabro Bledorkix


I grew up in a small spaceport city located on the far side of the outer rim. Several smugglers, pirates, legit transports would stop there on a regular basis. There was always something going on.

We were the only humans living there, my mother, my father and I. My father was an operator at the spaceport and my mother worked in the general goods store. It was kind of weird growing up with out any other human kids to play with. However, the pilots that came through had so many interesting stories that I didn’t even notice some days.

When I was 12 years old, I started to ask about the business side of smuggling and pirating. During this time I learned to operate every type of freighter that came in and out of the spaceport. When the pilots were sleeping or having “private” time with some of the ladies in the town, I spent time with the techs learning about how the ships worked and how to fix almost anything that could go wrong.

The smugglers taught me tricks to hide cargo and to avoid checkpoints and customs. The pirates showed me how to bypass security on ships and cargo containers. They were always surprised at how quickly I learned the lessons.

When I was 17, there was an attack on the spaceport. Many people were killed, including my father. My mother was hurt in the initial attack. Out of almost 100 people, only 37 people were left alive, mainly women and children. The attack didn’t last very long, but it was thorough. The spaceport was completely destroyed, along with the market district. The residential district was hit, but it didn’t seem it was a primary target since it was wasn’t as devastated as the rest of the town.

After the airial attack, ground troops came into the town looking for signs of something, or someone, in particular. They stuck around for a couple of days. During that time, they took our supplies and raided our stores, leaving us with almost nothing.

When they finally left three days later, it was another 3 days until the first freighter came. During those three days many more died due to injuries, including my mother. Our Twi`lek neighbors took care of me after she died.

When the first freighter finally showed up, it was one of our regulars, a Quarren. We told him what happened and asked him if he could spare any supplies from his ship. After helping us, he said that he needed to get going but would send others to help out and rebuild or relocate the town.

As he was getting ready to leave, I asked if I could come with since I didn’t have anything left here. He thought about it for a bit and decided that he and my father were too good of friends to just leave me here. So I grabbed what little I had left and joined him on the ship.

I spent 3 years traveling with him until law enforcement caught up with him. I was able to escape the situation. I got a job at the local spaceport doing whatever needed to be done. I was doing that for almost a year until one of the pirates that I knew when I was younger stopped to resupply and refuel.

I went up and talked to her and told her what happened to the spaceport and that I was looking for a job. She gladly accepted me in and the next day we took off.

I worked my way up through the ranks and made head pilot. Then there was a mission that went totally wrong. We were ambushed. I was barely able to get out of there with the ship intact. The ones who escaped included myself, the Sullustan co-pilot, Verpine tech, and the second in command, a femael Twi`lek.

We flew to a small spaceport in secluded part of space and decided to go our separate ways. This was on Year 6 Day 60.

I decided to go it alone and see where fate would take me. After several months of trying to find employment on Tatooine, I noticed a familiar face in the spaceport and went up and found out it was one of the few children I saw in my childhood, Markus Blackheart. He told me that he was currently working for a Sith Lord by the name of Isoldor Storm and the New Sith Order and invited me to apply.

I applied and was accepted. I quickly got a job patrolling a system. It’s wasn’t as glamorous as some of my previous jobs, but something seemed different about this organization.

After about a year and a half, the NSO became The 12 Colonies. Things changed and I was put into a different position.

About six months after that The 12 Colonies was adopted by the Chiss and became The Chiss Ascendancy with Isoldor Storm being put in charge.

Shortly after that, Storm was assassinated and The Chiss Ascendancy quickly fell.

I spent a couple of months trying to decide what to do. Should I join a governemnt, a smugglers organization, a pirate group, or should I just go freelance?

Markus told me about a pirate group that was being organized and that they were looking for some good trustworthy people. The name of those pirates was Black Nebula.

Several months after Black Nebula was formed, it became a government.

Recently, I decided to change the direction of my life and joined a production company, Zone Supplies Limited. Which was being led by Markus.

I don’t know where destiny will take me, but I am curious to find out.

This log picks up on Year 9 Day 360.

Since I wrote this previous history, I joined some old comrades in resurrecting The Old Republic.

After some time with The Old Republic, I joined up with Koensayr Manufacturing. Shortly aferwards, I took an extended leave of absence and traveled the galaxy on my own. I am now back with many ideas.


Previous organizations:

  • New Sith Order
  • The 12 Colonies
  • The Chiss Ascendancy
  • Black Nebula
  • Zone Supplies Limited
  • The Old Republic
  • Koensayr Manufacturing


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